The terms of service that we have described in detail below shall administrate your use in any way of the Pricebackers website, software, and services.

You must exit our website immediately and not use our services in any way if you do not accept these terms of service in full. We will thus take your use of the website in any way as your full acceptance of these terms.

You understand that we have the power to terminate any user’s permission to use the services and that we may suspend or terminate the operation of our services at any time, with or without prior notice to you.

We may also alter these terms by adding to it, deleting from it, or clarifying some terms, as we may deem necessary in our sole discretion. All reviewed terms shall become effective upon our posting of them, and we will deem you to have accepted the new terms when you use the website and services thereafter.


You accept that these terms of service shall constitute the entire agreement between you and us, Pricebackers. It shall overthrow and supersede all former agreements (if any), whether verbal or written.


This service is made for persons who are 18 years or older. Younger persons than 18 must only use the service with the consent of and under the guidance of a legal parent or guardian.


All users of the service must have the legal capacity and power to enter into a legal agreement and be so bound to perform their obligations under it. 


Pricebackers provides a comparative service that runs automated internet price checks to verify the pricing of a product or service purchased by users from retailers offering a price protection policy.

You, however, understand and accept that we are not an online store but serve as an independent party. You also understand that we are not liable for any sale transaction you enter into with any retailer. 

We give no assurances or representations about any product or service procured by you or the price paid by you under any sale transaction. You accept that all recourses you have with any sales transaction are with the retailer only, and not with us.

You also accept that we do not give any assurances or representation of any retailer’s price protection offer, even if the retailer did offer you such as per any sales transaction you enter into with that retailer.


There are certain portions of our services that only registered users are allowed to use. This means that you must register a username and choose a corresponding password to access such portions of the service. You agree to provide only correct, accurate, and honest information about your name and all other information that we may require of you when you open a user account.

You may only open and operate just one Pricebackers account. We will not be responsible for verifying the identity of anyone using your account and will honor any request made under your account name, so it is important that you keep your login details confidential and private.

You must notify Pricebackers by e-mail immediately if you suspect that your account has been accessed without your authorization.


Your registration to use our services means that you give us the authority to facilitate tracking of price protection benefits with respect to products and services bought by you. In respect of this, you understand and accept the following:

That our duty will be to carry out automated internet searches of the relevant market in which you purchased the product or service in a bid to identify a lower price for an identical product or service offered by the same retailer or by a local competitor that meets the requirements of the retailer’s price protection offer (“a suitable sale price”). 

Where we identify a suitable sale price, we will attempt to claim a refund for you under the Retailer’s price protection offer in any of these two ways:

Price drop/price adjustment: We will monitor the customer Email account of the retailer you procured the product or service from, and if we find price changes after the purchase, we will ask for a refund from the retailer on your behalf. 

Price match: We will monitor the customer Email account of the retailer you procured the product or service from, and if we find price differences between retailers of the same product after the purchase, we will ask for a refund from the retailer on your behalf.

You accept that we may collect a success fee from you if we are successful with your request, upon our receipt of any refund from the retailer.

You, however, accept that we are not in any way guaranteeing that we will be able to identify a suitable sale price or that the concerned retailer will honor the retailer’s price protection offer. 

We will not be liable in the event that your sale transaction does not qualify for a refund under the retailer’s price protection offer.

Furthermore, we will not be responsible for accounting to you for any refund under the retailer’s price protection offer.

Certain requirements of our services will be dependent on our ability to track, access, and use some accounts that you maintain with third parties. You hereby authorize us to act as your limited agent and clearly permit us to review the contents of such accounts regularly and use our findings to provide you with our services.

In certain cases, we may also ask you to provide us with a sample of your signature. When you provide us with the sample, you clearly authorize and appoint us to sign and submit, on your behalf and in your name, such refund requests as we may see fit.  

You also agree to indemnify and hold us innocent and blameless in respect of all actions we take in good faith on your behalf to attempt to secure a refund from any retailer.


Pricebackers also offers a cashback service. This means that users who use our provided links to access certain retailers’ websites get some percentage of cashback to their accounts.


It is not our policy to charge users a fee in order to run an initial search in a bid to identify suitable sale prices as per their sale transactions.

You will, however, be liable to us for a success fee where we are able to help you negotiate a refund for a purchased product or service.  You hereby authorize us to collect a success fee of 30 percent of recovered fees or any other fee rate as may be presented by us from time to time.

You accept that we can change the percentage of our success fee at any time. We will, however, notify you before we implement any change in the success fee.


All payments payable to Pricebackers shall be made by PayPal. We do not accept checks.


We only refund customers if we mistakenly charge them twice for the same service or charge an incorrect amount that will undergo another inspection before a refund.


You fully accept that all materials that we provide through our service, including without limitation written text, pictures, formatting, design, software, sound, images, graphics, as well as all other information and resources are either owned, controlled, or licensed to Pricebackers. These materials are fully protected by the copyright laws of the state of Israel and other relevant international copyright and intellectual property laws. You are under no circumstances allowed to create pirated works of, transfer, republish, reproduce, post, download, duplicate, or in any other way use these materials without Pricebackers’ written permission or the permission of the specific intellectual property rights holder.
You may only view the website content for non-commercial, non-public use, and must retain all trademarks, copyright, and other ownership notices available in our original material in order to be eligible to use our services.


Where you make content available on the website, it is your responsibility to ensure that such content is reliable, accurate, and honest and not in violation of these terms. When you upload content to the services, you are granting us a license that is royalty-free to use such content in any way we deem fit. This may include the advertisement for our services and the development and deployment of new services.

Where your content is in the form of an inquiry, we ask that you proofread it and check that it is exactly what you intended to ask, as you cannot rescind or edit any content upon submission. We will not be responsible for enquires containing incorrect information that may lead to such inquiries remaining unanswered. 

You also accept that you will promptly respond to our requests for supplementary information or documentation pursuant to an inquiry by you.


You must be the sole owner of any contact information that you expressly or impliedly represent yourself as owning. We take no responsibility and assume no liability in that regard.

You may not insert any external website link into any content field you send to us.

Your content must not be sexually explicit or pornographic in nature.

It must not be in breach of any third party’s intellectual property rights and must not be in any way slanderous or deceptive.

Your content must not be illegal or promote unlawful activities, and must not be used as a means of disseminating unsolicited e-mail or text messages.

Your content must not contain any virus.


All retailers, and not us, are responsible for the content of any information related to them or a sale transaction, as well as for the content of any competitor information of the retailer. 

All users who post any content on the service, and not us, are responsible for the content thus posted by them.

We do not endorse or recommend any content posted by any seller, user, or any other person through our service. We do not monitor or screen the trustworthiness, suitability, conduct, or background of posters or their content, and we assume no liability for any such screening or monitoring.

We do not verify, and we assume no liability for, the legality, safety, or quality of any retailer’s services, products, prices, or refund responses or of any information obtained relative to the services, products, or prices of the retailer or any competitor of a retailer. 

You accept that we provide all information on the service in good faith only. They are not to be taken as advice but rather as general information. 

All actions and inactions taken by any user independent of any information gotten from the service are so taken at the risk of such a user. It is, therefore, vital that you carry out your own due diligence to verify the veracity of any content or information before acting on such. All losses and hurts arising from the use of any posted information or content are yours and yours only.


You have the responsibility of ensuring that your access to and use of price comparative services such as the one that we offer is not proscribed under the terms of any agreement to which you are a party. You will be liable for the consequences of a breach, where such an agreement exists, and you still go-ahead to use our services.

  • Your use of this service must not be unlawful or proscribed by the laws of your jurisdiction.
  • You have the responsibility of taking precautions against the risk of viruses, interferences, and other technologically injurious software that may damage your computer system. We will not be liable for the effects of any virus, interferences, and other technologically injurious software you experienced in your use of the service. 
  • You may not use any comparable service to ours to track price protection benefits and submit refund requests while you use our services in order to prevent any overlapping or duplicative request.
  • You may not impersonate any other user, other person, or company in your use of the service.
  • You may not use the service to breach any laws or regulations.
  • You may not use the service to distribute spam or junk e-mails, or to threaten, abuse, harass, or defame other people. 
  • You may not modify or delete any content not posted by you on the website.
  • You are banned from damaging, modifying, interfering with, disrupting, or destroying the resources, devices, passwords, files, or data belonging to us and other third parties.
  • You may not engage in any action that compromises the security of the service, and may not act in a way to impose an unreasonable load on our infrastructure.
  • You may not use the service to solicit, promote, or advertise any services or products.
  • Do not provide information or content that is deceptive, false, or misleading or that contains worms, viruses, and other kinds of technologically injurious software.
  • Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party in your use of the service of breaches any confidentiality agreement that you have with a third party.
  • Do not use the service to promote or make available the personal information or picture of a third party without their consent.
  • Do not access the services using automated means in order to gather the personal information of other users.


We often provide links on the website that leads users to the websites and resources of third parties. When you click on such links, you will exit our website and will be redirected to the website of such third parties.

Please note that these links are provided only as a convenience to you and not as our endorsement or recommendation of the policies, products, services, content, and practices of such linked websites.

You have the responsibility of reading these third parties policies and understanding them before using the websites, as the risk for the use of such websites is yours and yours only.

We expressly disclaim any liability for the content, legitimacy, and accuracy of any information, and for any products and services, exhibited on any third-party website. 


We make this website, content, service, and all other provided material available for use on an “as is” and “as available” basis only. We do not give any guarantees or warranties, whether direct or implied, by custom, law, or otherwise as per the website, content, and materials.

We do not represent that the website will always be available, that it will be uninterrupted, that it will be error-free, that mistakes will be corrected when discovered, or that it is virus-free. We make no representations as per the usefulness, completeness, accuracy, or availability of the content of information or give any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, suitability, or title.

We do not represent that the services that we provide will meet your requirements or expectations, neither do we represent that any material, information, result, or advice that you obtain through your use of the website will create any warranty not expressly made herein. The sole remedy for dissatisfaction with the website and services is to stop using the website.

All users download and use any material from the website at their own discretion and risk and will bear full responsibility for any resulting damages (if any) from such download and use.

We do not represent that any sale transaction that any user enters into shall be suitable for a Pricebackers inquiry and we do not represent that any Pricebackers inquiry will be the subject of a Retailer’s price protection offer or, that such an inquiry will be eligible for a refund under a Retailer’s price protection offer.

Pricebackers makes no warranties as per the benefit of using the Pricebackers Service instead of alternative methods of tracking and claiming refunds, neither do we give any assurances as per the chances of success of any refund claims submitted through the service, or that refunds claimed through the service reflect the maximum refund available with respect to the relevant Item. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any damage incurred by any user as a result of the inability to claim refunds for procured products and services.

We will not be liable to any user for any damage or loss directly or indirectly suffered as it relates to such a user’s use of this service or any website that such a user links from our website, whether such damage is caused through negligence or otherwise. We also will not be liable to any user for any damage or loss directly or indirectly suffered as a result of reliance on content and materials found on the website.

Pricebackers (its affiliates, sponsors, suppliers, licensors, agents, employees, officers, and directors) will not bear liability for any direct, indirect, punitive, exemplary, special, consequential, incidental, or other damages connected with the use of, or the inability to use the website, or of the performance or non-performance of our service including without limitation the loss of data, goodwill, reputation, production, use, profits, income, savings, markets, or business, whether in strict liability, tort, contract, or any other theory of liability or law or equity, regardless of any wrongdoing, negligence or any other fault by Pricebackers, even if we have been notified of the possibility of such loss or damage.

The sole and exclusive maximum liability to Pricebackers for all damages, losses, and causes of action, shall not exceed the success fees received by Pricebackers.

Where the law does not allow the limitation of legal warranties and you are resident in such a jurisdiction, all or some of the limitations in these terms and may not apply.


Your use of our website and services after reading and understanding these terms means that you agree to fully indemnify Pricebackers, its affiliates, sponsors, suppliers, licensors, agents, employees, officers, and directors, of all liabilities, reparation, or costs, which may include without limitation accounting costs, attorneys’ fees and costs, and other compensations as per any claims or legal actions brought against Pricebackers as a result of your breach of any of these terms or for any other liability that may arise out of your use of the website.


If there are one or more terms of this agreement that the state of Israel court finds to be, for whatever reason, invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, such a term will either be revised or deleted while the remaining provisions shall survive and remain enforceable.


The failure of  Pricebackers to enforce any part of these terms of service shall not in any way constitute our waiver of such provision or term, and shall not be in any way deemed a waiver. 


These terms and conditions are construed under the laws of the state of Israel and shall be so governed