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Kristaps's Company

Kristap found a safe way to optimize dropshipping profits.
Kristaps Aboltins
eBay Dropshipping Manager


Price Backers helps us to earn 5,000$ in refunds and still counting.

Yarden Elal
CEO & Co-Founder

Deal Gifter

We made 3,067$ through dropshipping refunds by Price Backers.

Yogev Ben-Nun

Krissada's Company

Krissada making back end profits  worth 2,500$ dropshipping.

Krissada Phichikarnca
Stores Manager


We convert it to earnings, please don't eat us.
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What The FAQ 🙂

We know you have some questions in mind, we’ve tried to list the most important ones.

Do you offer a Subscription?

No, we offer a 30% commission based. We charge only if you earned money, all features included.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

Yes, we didn’t get your money for any reason, we do have money-back guarantee policy in case you didn’t get your refunds. However, we assure you that you will be more than satisfied with PriceBackers, and we are available to help you make the most out of it.

What happens if I dropship from suppliers that you don't support?

Let us know and we will work hard till we will support your suppliers.

Does PriceBackers work with auto-ordering fulfillment that support PriceBackers refunds?

Yes! We automatically work with few of the best repricers and auto-ordering fulfillment services. Update on our social media or Contact now!

Is my payment information kept safe? Is it secure?

Yes! We do not store your payment information. Your information is being handled by our payment solution company (PayPal) which has a highly secure system and strict privacy policy.

What is Price Backers?

Price backers is a unique eCommerce tool that helps Marketplace Sellers automatically earn money back from price drop, price match, late shipments and cash back opportunities. With a click you can use PriceBackers to raise your monthly profit. Sign Up Now For Free and start making money back on your daily purchases!

What kind of services Price Backers offer?

We proudly offer services such as auto price drop, price match, late shipment services across leading American retailers. 

How does Price Backers work?

1. Add your Gmail account that you use with the retailers that you purchase from.
2. Connect a PayPal account as a secure payment method for monthly fees.
3. That’s it! We do all the rest ! Our team works hard to claim money back on your behalf – and we will make sure you get your funds fast!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Make purchases in the past? We read purchase emails from up to 90 days ago when you sign up for the PriceBackers service.

How far back will Price Backers AI go in your analysis?

While each retailer is different, you can expect analysis to reach back 30-90 days.

Does the app comply with security regulations?

Yes, The PriceBackers App complies with the strictest security regulations of GBTR and went through Google security assessment.

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