Your PriceBackers Questions - Answered!
Price backers is a unique eCommerce tool that helps Marketplace Sellers automatically earn money back from price drop, price match, late shipments and cash back opportunities. With a click you can use PriceBackers to raise your monthly profit. Sign Up Now For Free and start making money back on your daily purchases!
We proudly offer services such as auto price drop, price match, late shipment services across leading American retailers. If you don’t see a retailer listed that you want, our team will work hard to add them to our growing list! Simply let us know at Support@pricebackers.com
Coming Soon: We will soon offer amazing cash back % earning from top retailers!
* Add your Gmail account  that you use with the retailers that you purchase from.
* Connect a PayPal account as a secure payment method for monthly fees.
* That’s it! We do all the rest ! Our team works hard to claim money back on your behalf – and we will make sure you get your funds fast!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Make purchases in the past? We read purchase emails from up to 90 days ago when you sign up for the PriceBackers service.
While each retailer is different, you can expect analysis to reach back 30-90 days.
Home Depot

More retailers coming soon! 
If you want a specific retailer added, please contact us at support@pricebackers.com
Our system is hard at work claiming Price Drops & Price Matches & Late Shipments 24/7.
PayPal is our preferred payment method. It’s the quickest, easiest and most secure way to pay for you for using PriceBacker’s services online. If there is a problem with payment please let us know, and our team will work hard to resolve any issues!
PriceBackers charges 30% commissions once a month for any money earned by our price drop, price match, and late shipment services.
At the beginning of every month you will receive a monthly report of your earnings. On the 7th of the month, PriceBackers will charge you 30% commission for the last month.

We do! You can earn a 15% commission for every charge that you bring to us. Sign up now to join our affiliate program and earn more every month!

We understand how important your security and privacy are to you, and we work hard every day to make PriceBackers as secure as possible for our users.
​​Your privacy is incredibly important to us. When we built PriceBackers, we strived to create a service that would meet the strong privacy expectations and standards of our users.


It is very important that you read the terms of use very carefully before using this website or service.
Our Terms Of Use are intended for better matching expectations from PriceBackers to our valuable customers. See our Terms of Use here.

The PriceBackers service works by collecting e-receipts from your retail Gmail account. We’ve built internal protocols and systems that only search for receipts in your retail Gmail account that match our supported merchants. The information that our system gets from your e-receipts relates only to communications from supported merchants.

Your Gmail account remains fully in your control and your privacy is our top priority. PriceBackers never sees or stores the password of your Gmail account.

All data is stored and used in our systems using industry-standard SSL encryption.
PriceBackers does not sell your shopping data to anyone. Our service only exists to save you money on your purchases. Period.
If you have any questions, feedback, or to report an issue regarding trust and security, please contact our Privacy Officer at support@pricebackers.com.
Yes, The PriceBackers App complies with the strictest security regulations of GBTR and went through Google security assessment.

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