About Pricebackers

We are an eager team that strives to help e-commerce entrepreneurs make their business profitable from every purchase

Who are we?

We started in 2019 as a service that helps e-commerce sellers get automatic price drop, Price match and and soon also cash back refunds. Our vision is to make the e-commerce industry profitable as much as we can. Our mission is to reach and help every online seller and to find how Price backers can help her or him on a daily basis. While our final Goal is to make more profits for our dear customers.

Price backers make sure to make the best out of every purchase!

Our Values

Price backers build software to save online merchants time and money so they can keep doing what they are best at.
We are online sellers ourselves. We understand the difficulties of our customers and we focus on understanding their daily needs, to make them grow and to rock their ROI. We are Data-Driven solutions company that help each Seller to maximize his profits effortlessly . 

Price backers here to rock your ROI !

3 core values

We understand the daily work of our customers, and we believe that being the customers of ourselves is helping us understand how to give the best solutions for our customers.
Providing services is our top priority, we understand how it is important for every seller to get efficient and fast customer service.

Price backers strive to give customers true, human, and sincere service, in order to maintain our customers trust. We are interested in creating the ability of every online seller to continue to engage in his work in a profitable and respectful manner. 

We believe that every customer can feel confident, that the information we collect is well protected, and that its use is to provide the best service to the customer only. We do not use unnecessary information. Period! We believe in an open communication channel between our customers and any concern for privacy will be brought to our attention.

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