Understanding Guy Fadlon’s Solution to Maximise Dropshipping Profits

Guy Fadlon is a drop shipper who focuses on Walmart-to amazon Drop Shipping. His journey with Price Backers over 2 months has been incredibly satisfying. He is looking forward to scaling his business with other retailers and owns a few Amazon stores. 

While trying to scale up his business, he has also been on the lookout for services that help him optimize his dropshipping profits, especially from the back-end point of view. As a business owner, he needed services that do not take up too much time, and automatically provide updates and refunds. He also needed something that is easy to integrate and is safe.


Guy Fadlon needed ways to bring in more profits. The bigger challenge was finding a trustworthy service that could be integrated easily. He also required a solution that did not need constant attention. As a business owner, he had to focus time and energy on growing his dropshipping stores, and scaling up products.

My challenge was finding a good service with guaranteed results that did not need too much time.
Guy Fadlon
Amazon Stores Manager​


In his quest for a trustworthy price match partner, Guy came across Price Backers. He says “I did hesitate in the beginning”, but he was impressed with how easy it was to integrate Price Backers. He confirmed that all he had to do was put in all the email addresses. The automated software would update immediately when there was a price drop. It would process everything. 

You only pay 30 percent, and even that is only if you earn״, Guy said about the charges levied. This is a relief for him, after having seen so many services that are not what they claim. With respect to the customer support, Guy says that “I have always have someone to talk to for support
Guy Fadlon
Amazon Stores Manager​​

With so much automation in place, he was able to focus on the dropshipping, while Price Backers is the best trusted partner.


As a business owner, Guy was impressed with the growth and revenue Price Backers generated for him in two months.

He calls it a very transparent and simple system that works efficiently for dropshipping. His advice to newcomers to the field of dropshipping is “Don’t hesitate if you have a few accounts”. He says that Price Backers can be easily and safely set up to maximize your backend profits.

I wait for all the refunds to come. I don’t need to do anything else
Guy Fadlon
Amazon Stores Manager​​

Achievements with Price Backers:

A business owner with a hectic schedule, Guy Fadlon values transparency and efficiency. He is a dropshipper whose focus is Amazon Dropshipping. With a few Amazon stores already in place, Guy is looking for chances to scale his business.

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