PriceBackers Helped ProfitZon Earn $5000 with Amazon Dropshipping

Yarden Elal, business owner and co-founder of ProfitZon Ltd., prides himself on being a digital nomad. He has been doing Amazon Dropshipping for the past five years. He dropships from Walmart or Home Depot to Amazon and other retailers. 

ProfitZon is an Israeli company that was looking to expand its operations. While they had no problem identifying products, they needed a better way to integrate software for refunds and become more profitable. That’s where Yarden’s partnership with Price Backers came in handy. In the three months that Yarden has partnered with Price Backers, he has seen phenomenal growth. This case study takes a look at the challenges he faced and the solutions he arrived at. It also takes a look at the results of the solution.


Yarden said that even though he had heard of services that offered price matches and refunds, he never actually had the patience to go over emails and set everything up. He was busy running a business and did not have the time nor the energy.

I've heard about it, but I didn't have time to focus on it
Yarden El-Al
CEO & Co-Founder

He tried some sites and services but found it extremely hard to integrate everything. Eventually, he gave up on such services.

It was too complicated for me to registration other tools
Yarden El-Al
CEO & Co-Founder


Yarden said that his brother stumbled across Price Backers and asked him to give it a shot. He had nothing to lose, so he went over to the Price Backers site. He found that the support and integration were extremely easy. This support motivated him to test it out and he found it quite convenient. 

Yarden says that he was able to integrate his email and purchases with very little effort.

Because the support was good, it gave me more motivation
Yarden El-Al
CEO & Co-Founder

This allowed him to set up everything pretty quickly and move forward. He was never stuck on any of the processes and could quickly go back to running his business. 

The only thing I have to do is get the excel sheet from them and see where I got the money
Yarden El-Al
CEO & Co-Founder

He can then use it based on whether it is credited to coupons or credit cards. He said that the solution did not require any other steps.


With Price Backers, he made $4923 in 3 months. With a total of 582 refund requests, which means 8$ additional profit for each order!

Many of you business owners don't have the time and energy to do it because you are too focussed on the inside of the business. If you can take a few mins and try out Price Backers, I would recommend it. It's truly amazing. It's money on the floor that they are picking up. Don't be lazy and really give it a try
Yarden El-Al
CEO & Co-Founder

Achievements with Price Backers:

ProfitZon is an Israeli company that was looking to expand its operations. 

ProfitZon’s Co-Founder Yardel Elal has been a dropshipper for five years. The Israeli businessman aims to expand the base of operations for his company. Yarden is a digital nomad, his company is giving Amazon Dropshipping automation services.

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