Kristaps Chooses Price Backers to Enhance Profits: Calls it Safe and Secure

Kristaps Aboltins has been dropshipping for five years now. He hails from a small Eastern European country- Latvia- where making a living off of dropshipping is considered quite unusual. However, he has been able to successfully scale his dropshipping business over the last year.

Kristaps focuses mainly on Walmart Dropshipping, Home Depot Dropshipping, and Amazon Dropshipping. He says that he has been living off of his dropshipping earnings for quite a while. However, in Latvia, he says “There are many people trying it to see how it works and if they can make something with it, but there are very few who really go through all the hassle”. Kristaps chose to find a solution to this with Price Backers.


Kristaps had realised that although a few years back one could live off of dropshipping earning simply by buying or selling, this was no longer the case. The current dropshipping scene needed more innovative methods to make use of back-end earning as well. There are real profits to be made. 

I have learned during the years that one of the main aspects that you can really earn you a profit is the back end
Kristaps Aboltins
eBay Dropshipping Manager

He tried out a bunch of software that sometimes sent him emails regarding refunds. However, the issue was that he would have to manually contact the retailer and try to get the refund back. In addition to this, he got very little profits, amounting to barely $50 per month.

Another major concern was the lack of trust. Kristaps never paid attention to most of these software’s, as he was convinced that the majority were some kind of scam. This was the main roadblock he faced while trying to scale up his business and profits. 


He turned to Price Backers to see if this would really work. He found that he did not have to manually contact any of the retailers. Everything was done automatically, and the refund was credited back to him.

Complete automation, that was the first thing I noticed. What I loved from the beginning was that I didn’t have to do anything as before
Kristaps Aboltins
eBay Dropshipping Manager

Price Backers is also a safe option. He doesn’t have to worry about giving out his email ID as it is still regulated by Google’s policies, which makes the process extremely secure.

There isn't any aspect of it that could be unsafe as I am in control of everything. There is this Google permissions to give when you sign up for email but that's also something that Google monitors
Kristaps Aboltins
eBay Dropshipping Manager

He says that in the dropshipping business, trust is an important part of scaling up. The whole point of owning a business is to have free time, so it is important to outsource to trustworthy service providers like Price Backers that allow you to optimize your profit.


Kristaps can easily make $1012 in profits a month. In addition, Price Backers provided an easy solution to optimize his profits in a secure manner. He is in fact looking forward to integrating with other platforms in order to scale his business further.

Achievements with Price Backers:

This Latvian entrepreneur has set up a successful living with dropshipping. He is a go-getter who greatly values trust. In fact, Kristaps believes that dropshipping requires you to delegate tasks while also looking out for safety. His priority is scaling his business while increasing profitability.

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