How Eva Dobilas and Her Family Used Price Backers to Optimise Profits

Eva Dobilas and her family are enthusiastic dropshippers. She is an Amazon and Facebook marketplace mentor. Her dropshipping ideas are focused on optimizing profits and learning to harness back-end profits to make dropshipping work. 

She partnered with Price Backers to make profits and manage the transactions. After that, her entire family joined Price Backers to manage the huge volume of transactions and to make the best use of price matches and refunds. The nominal 30% on profits policy was also worth it, saving them hours of hassle.

This time could be spent on developing and scaling the business further.
Eva Dobilas
Amazon Dropshipping Manager


Eva Dobilas and her family had a number of accounts that held receipts and purchase information. They were facing trouble finding a service that could automate the price match without having to follow up with suppliers. 

They also found it hard to figure out a trustworthy partner that could get the job done. As a business owner focused on growing her business and making profits, Eva lacked the time it would take to manually check every transaction. 

The volume of transactions and safety were both primary concerns when it came to choosing a partner.
Eva Dobilas
Amazon Dropshipping Manager


The solution for Eva and her family was to make use of Price Backers. They understood that price backers could easily integrate their multiple email addresses. It would automatically scan through purchase receipts and identify the purchases. The Price Backers algorithm would immediately identify if there was a price drop and get the refund processed to the linked Gmail accounts. This refund would then be issued either via discounts or to a credit card. All they had to do at the end of the month was check for reports to see how much they had earned and how much was paid. They were impressed that Price Backers only charged a fee if the client made any profits. This also made it easier for them to track and grow profits without manual intervention

Security was no longer a concern, as Price Backers adhered to Google’s policy. Even though email addresses were provided, the data could only be read in accordance with Google’s security policy. This means that the clients are always in charge. In addition to all this, this was free money that did not require any additional integration.


Eva Dobilas and her family joined Price Backers to gain massive rewards. She recommends them on her course on Facebook and Amazon marketplace. 

The key to successful dropshipping is identifying key partners who can get you profits, and that is what Price Backers offers
Eva Dobilas
Amazon Dropshipping Manager

Achievements with Price Backers:

Eva Dobilas comes from a family of dropshippers. She is also a popular mentor for Amazon and Facebook marketplaces. She believes in using time effectively to maximize profits. Eva is dedicated to spreading her knowledge and ideas to maximize learning and profits!







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