How a 27 Year Old Dropshipper Made $3067 in a Month With Price Backers

Yogev Ben Nun, a 27-year-old drop shipper from Israel has been running his online business for more than 7 years. His company is established in Israel and takes care of the operations, including online stores. 

He started his drop-shipping journey like most people, from Amazon to eBay dropshipping. He then proceeded to upload more products for Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and so on. Yogev currently hosts multiple online stores for over 50 thousand products.

Yogev realized that Home Depot dropshipping was a highly lucrative option, offering great profits via cashback. He believes that he could make substantial profits not only from dropshipping but also cashbacks. He has a number of eBay stores, and he focuses on products as well as gift cards.


Yogev focused on eBay and realized that the competition on the site was tougher than on other sources like Amazon. He came to understand that the bigger profits were to be made in the back end, not the front end or margin of the sale. He needed a solution that could add to his revenue of gift cards and dropshipping. 

Additionally, he needed a solution that was simple and did not require much effort. The odds of earning via drop-shipping are high if one knows how to optimize the profits, and that is exactly what Yogev wanted to do.


Yogev came across a solution by partnering up with Price Backers. Price Backers offers refunds and matches prices with retailers, allowing drop-shippers to make better profits. 

Yogev says that it is extremely easy to sign up with Price Backers. All he had to do was link his email address and sit back. He claims that it was almost like doing nothing and making money. Yogev connected with his Gmail, and every time there was a price drop on the product, Price Backers alerted him and sent him refunds. This also enabled him to focus on growing his business without any additional hassles. 

Yogev also says that the Price Backers dashboard is extremely easy to follow

I see all the refunds in the mail, and of course, they send me a report
Yogev Ben-Nun

It also shows him the amount of money he has earned via Price Backers so far along with the amount charged. Further, Yogev says that Price Backers also sends him reports from time to time, making it easier to track. He has been a Price Backers client for 5 months now and says that he looks forward to more integrations in the future.


Yogev currently has multiple online stores and sells over 50 thousand products as well as gift cards. He has earned around $3,067 via Price Backers refunds. The easy-to-use dashboard and reports make it easier for him to keep track of profits while running his business.

It looks like an affiliate because you don’t have to do anything. You only connect yourself to the software and you get money
Yogev Ben-Nun

Achievements with Price Backers:

Israeli businessman Yogev Ben Nun has been familiar with dropshipping for over seven years now. With many online stores and over 50,000 products to handle, he is truly a focused entrepreneur. Yogev offers products as well as gift cards and believes that his variety helps him stay profitable.

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