Here’s How Krissada Makes $1000 More Every Month With Price Backers Discounts

Krissada Phichikarnca, a 28-year-old drop shipper from Thailand, has been in the industry for 4 years. His eBay dropshipping is the star of the show and his major retailer is Home Depot. He started his Amazon dropshipping this year. 

Dropshippers are rare in Thailand, owing to the retailer and supplier policy changes in the last 2 to 3 years. Thus, Kris feels that there is a lot of opportunities to make good profits.


At first, Kris was looking for software that could provide refunds and price matches. However, he couldn’t find software that could detect transaction bills.

Eventually, he also had to do it manually. Even if the software did show a difference in price, Kris had to schedule calls with the retailer to arrange a one-on-one discussion. He did not have the time to do that for individual transactions. If he could get this automated and get his assistant to deal with more important tasks, he thought it would be more profitable. 

In addition to this, dealing with the volume of transactions and tracking the price change in each manually could get very frustrating. Thus, earning back-end profits is necessary; but this was confusing for him.


Krissada was relieved when he found Price Backers. He could depend on the software to automatically detect and process refunds.

The software detects transactions very well. In my opinion, there are no missing ones
Krissada Phichikarnca
Stores Manager

He added all his email addresses linked to the receipts. After that, all he had to do was wait for profits and track the dashboard.

He also pointed out that while Price Backers can access emails, users could use separate emails for receipts. The email access is also certified by Google, as it adheres to Google’s policies. This gives the client complete control over data. The Price Backer algorithm also detects price drops immediately.

Kris has been using Price Backers for 3 months now.


Kris says that he has been able to increase his monthly profits by $1000. He does not have to wait for lower prices, as he knows Price Backers will get the refund back to him if the price drops.

This gives me peace of mind, I don't have to worry about the increasing price of products that I have to order daily
Krissada Phichikarnca
Stores Manager

He has made almost $3000 from Price Backers refunds from over 7000 orders. He didn’t have to do anything other than add his emails.

Price Backers charges a nominal 30% on your refunds or earnings, so there is no signup charges levied. This generates a separation for each drop shipper, levying charges only on their profits. In his opinion, these charges are worthwhile, as business owners do not have to put in any additional effort to earn this money. 

According to him, drop shippers who need retailers or suppliers who use price drop policies should use Price Backers. He is convinced that this can help other dropshippers optimize their profits, just like it helped him.

Achievements with Price Backers:

Originally from Thailand, Krissada realized the opportunities in the dropshipping industry at an early age. This 28-year-old has been dropshipping for the past 4 years. He focuses on eBay dropshipping.

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