Erez Malka’s Solution to Multiple Accounts: Price Backers

Erez Malka is a big seller and owns quite a few Amazon and eBay stores. He is on a quest to find solutions that help him scale up his business. 

He understands that unlike 5 years ago, he has to focus on multiple ways to identify profits. Online stores and dropshipping are no longer about buying and selling alone. He needs back-end systems that can provide instant pierce matches. This requires an automated solution that does not take up too much of his time or effort.


As a business owner, Erez Malka has a lot of responsibilities. His primary duty is to scale up his business and stores. He does not have the time and energy to manually keep track of transactions, check for price drops or changes and then connect with suppliers to get his profits. However, he understands that this is an important part of bringing in huge profits. 

He feels that this is extremely important when conducting large volumes of trades. As a big seller, Malka needed a quick and automated solution.


Price Backers offers him exactly what I need.

I don’t understand the algorithm, but I don’t care. It makes me money every month
Erez Malka
Amazon Expert

Malka came across the Price Backers platform and was thrilled that he got a service that could handle multiple accounts in a single place. He no longer had to deal with the hassle of manually connecting for refunds. He could just check the reports at the end of the month to get an idea of how much money he had earned in refunds. This adds up to a significant sum, especially with his large transaction volume. As an owner of multiple stores, he could now focus his time and resources on increasing the number of products and actually selling them. 


Erez has seen increased profits over the months he has used Price Backers. In addition to the growth of revenue, he is thrilled that he no longer has to spend time cross checking prices, or worrying about handling multiple accounts. The algorithm of Price Backer’s handles price drops immediately, making sure you get a refund. He encourages dropshippers all over the world to try it out and watch your profits grow. He says that it’s unbelievably good. You can sign up easily, link your accounts, and you are all set to reap the rewards.

Each day that I hesitate to connect to Price Backers, I lose money!
Erez Malka
Amazon Expert

Achievements with Price Backers:

A successful drop shipper, Erez Malka, owns several online stores. He believes in building scalable solutions that can optimize dropshipping profits.

Erez doing Amazon Dropshipping, Private Label, Retail Arbitrage management! Erez is an Amazon Expert seller.







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