Case Studies

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Kristaps Shares a Safe and Secure Dropshipping Secret: Price Backers

Kristaps Aboltins
eBay Dropshipping Manager

Krissada Makes $1000 More Each Month With His Price Backers Partnership

Krissada Phichikarnca
Stores Manager

Guy Fadlon’s Solution to Maximising Dropshipping

Guy Fadlon​
Amazon Stores Manager

Amazon Dropshipping and Price Backers Helps ProfitZon earn Above $5000 so Far

Yarden El-Al
CEO & Co-Founder

Erez squeeze Price Backers refunds by his Multiple Dropshipping stores

Erez Malka
Amazon Expert


Yogev Rakes in $3067 via Refunds from Price Backers Software

Yogev Ben-Nun

A Whole Family Optimises Their Dropshipping Potential: Eva Dobilas Tip

Eva Dobilas
Amazon Dropshipping Manager


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