How To Find Products From Home Depot To Dropship Facebook Marketplace? Why Home Depot?


How to find products from Home Depot to dropship Facebook Marketplace? Can I dropship on Facebook Marketplace? How does FBMP work? Why Home Depot?

You wanted to start dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace but you’re not sure what items to sell. You’ve known some best suppliers to get started with but you’re not sure which items or which categories are the best.


Nowadays, a lot of online sellers are complaining about oversaturation on specific marketplaces and where to find good products to dropship. Good thing there is a platform like Facebook that it’s completely untapped. There are not very many people doing it. Also, the fact that there is an extreme amount of traffic on that website, we getting way more than 10 times the amount of views and impressions. Facebook is pushing this platform extremely hard. In the future, it’s going to be something that’s very promising and very profitable for every seller who does dropshipping. If you haven’t seen it recently, a lot of dropshippers have started dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace because they’ve introduced the Shipping Option.


Facebook Marketplace is also kind of like craigslist where people are going on there to find used things. All you need to do is pick in a category that has shipping on it. When you’re listing it, you can pretty much pick any category. It allowed the shipping in that category and then it eventually pushed it to like a new category. You connect your bank account and you need to wait a couple of days. There is a long pending period than you would have expected.


Another thing that is pretty interesting is, you need to upload your tracking number within three (3) days. To be able to do that, you can pick your own tracking number and uploading it. Then, ship with your own label, or you can use a label through Facebook. Once the item’s delivered, you’ll get your money within five (5) days. So you need to have some form of cash reserve. Facebook Marketplace dropshipping has seen a lot of success.


Find and see items from Home Depot. If you can see an item like Power Share, and listed for $96.98, you are going to be saving it from Home Depot onto your Facebook Marketplace account. Just click on, and go to Facebook Marketplace. You can see the item from Home Depot on your Facebook Marketplace account. One thing you want to do before saving this item is, changing the price for a profit. You can list it for whatever price you like. The second thing to do before saving this as well is, making sure that on the description. Do not have any warranty or watermark.  You can go ahead and save this onto our Facebook Marketplace Account.


Let’s get into the five (5) best categories to find products from Home Depot to start dropshipping with or to dropship with FBMP.

Home Depot Pet Category

PET SUPPLIES. People with their pets,  they’ll do anything for their pets. They’re willing to pay any amount of money for it. People are always buying toys for their pets and just destroy things anyways. So at that point in time, they just need to get new toys non-stop. These items can pull off onto Home Depot. Sellers all have good amounts of sales with the cheaper items on Facebook Marketplace. You can still definitely be making a good amount of money with them. It’s just good that you can usually fetch a higher profit margin.

Home Depot Furniture Category

PATIO FURNITURE. All this patio furniture stuff sells very well. If it has that many reviews on Home Depot, then you can guarantee that it’s going to have a ton of chance and potential to sell on Facebook Marketplace. If it’s hot on one website, it’s most likely hot on another website. Some sellers selling like fire pits for $200 and selling for $400 on Facebook Marketplace many times. Making a very great consistent amount of sales with it if you can sell one of those a day or one every other day. You’re making a $200 profit with a very little amount of effort or work being put in. That’s the power of it because you can list these high-priced items like categories are using a higher price. You’re going to be making some pretty good money with it. 

Home Depot Tools and Improvement Category

TOOLS AND HOME IMPROVEMENT. Any type of drills, saws, the power tools of any shape or form. Home Depot is well known for these. You sell one of those in a day, you’re probably going to make a good amount of money for that day. There are hand toolsets that are going to be like a craftsman socket, wrench set, or any type of set, like the toolbox set. They sell very well and we know for a fact that this sells from Home Depot obviously and any type of  Hardware.

Home Depot Sporting Goods Category

SPORTING GOODS. There are so many different just versions of this category. You could literally, make a full-time income by selling camping equipment tents, other types of coolers. Things that you would use for camping. You could probably make a full-time income, just drop shipping and selling camping equipment. There’s fishing equipment, any types of poles, or anything like a kayak or a boat. Any type of swing set that could go more towards sporting goods. Anything that’s going to be outside playground sets, it can sell very well. This category is massive and each subcategory is pretty much its own category in the sporting goods section. So this is the time to be getting a lot into the sporting goods section. It’s a huge massive category and it’s going to bring you a ton of sales.

Home Depot Home and Kitchen Category

HOME & KITCHEN. Every single bit of this category. Again, the subcategory could be its own category that you could sell solely. You could make $5,000 a month dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. Like, the bed frames. It doesn’t just have to be bed frames but anything in the bed. They are selling very well. Any type of headboard is going to sell very well. Any type of furniture inside of your house is going to be selling.


The first thing is that Home Depot, they put has two (2) days of shipping time for thousands of products. It means that action you can compare with other people who do dropshipping from other retailers, you can compete with them. You can provide the same service with the same shipping time which is amazing for us as dropshippers. 

The second thing is the high-quality product that you have on Home Depot for expensive products.   Because of one main thing for expensive products, we can make much higher profit marg


So the thing is that at Home Depot you had the price match policy. It means that for example, the product cost. They will get your money back, which is really amazing for us. Because this is another huge percent of a pile of profit that we can keep for ourselves. We can actually make a lot of profits just from this small and easy-to-use policy.


In relation to the price match at Home Depot, the new PriceBackers software does it. Yes!  PriceBackers is free software that helps e-Commerce to get profit on the dropshipping business. It generates automatic refunds to customers who are doing the dropshipping business in Home Depot.


How Does PriceBackers Work

PriceBackers has three (3) main features that give refunds to dropshippers.

* First:  Price Drop –  Ex: You bought a product with a price of $100 from Home Depot.   After a while, the price decreased to $80,  PriceBackers software knew the difference that resulted in being refunded to dropshipper.

* Second: Price Match – which means that if you bought a product with a $100 price, and the product is less priced than at Home Depot,  PriceBackers software will calculate the price difference.   It can track if the retailer’s price matches the lowest price. Thanks to our Algorithm that helps us with this process exactly.

* Third:  Late Shipment Service – which means if the products arrived late to your customers,  PriceBackers software knows that, too. Our team will ask for an adjustment for you from Home Depot and get a cash refund.

PriceBackers offers a 30% commission-based to our customers. However, this 30% commission will give only if the customer earned money. For example, if you earned $10, it will cost $3.  If you earn $100,  we will charge 30% of what you earned. 


Home Depot is an easy supplier to get started with dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. This is the best way to start dropshipping in Facebook Marketplace since you understand more in-depth how to find products that are hot and all so profitable, completely for free!

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