How To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace From Amazon Step-By-Step? How Does FBMP Droshipping Work?

How to dropship on Facebook Marketplace from Amazon? Can I dropship on Facebook Marketplace? How to Facebook Marketplace dropship? How does FBMP dropshipping work?  How many customers does Amazon have?  These are so many questions, especially from beginners with no experience in dropshipping business. You can do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an Internet Connection.

In this article,  we will tell you step by step exactly how to do this. You can make hundreds, even thousands of dollars, in profit using this method. There are several steps involved in this so make sure you do not skip to read it. Or else, you will not be able to get this right. You will miss something important that you need to know in order to be successful doing this on Facebook Marketplace. There are a lot of people doing this and you can see it’s working for them.  This absolutely does work.  If you pay attention,  this can work for you as well.


Dropshipping itself is a really simple business model. So here’s how FBMP Dropshipping works:


You have a customer shopping online and spend $100 buying an item from you. You have your store set up on Facebook Marketplace. Now, what you then do is you turn around, spend $80 and buy that item from your supplier, The supplier ships the item directly to your customer. That is what dropshipping is. If you’re a beginner looking to get started, don’t want to have to put too much risk in it, don’t want to have a ton of upfront investment. The way dropshipping works can really change depending on who your supplier is and where your dropship is. 


Amazon has 300 million customers worldwide. Their annual revenue is in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and 12 global marketplaces serving the largest national economies on the planet. Also, listed on the Everything Store is essential to a comprehensive eCommerce campaign.  Likewise, 20% of Amazon sellers joined to add a new sales channel and broaden an existing company’s customer reach.


Now, these are the step-by-step dropshipping in Facebook Marketplace on Amazon:

Step 1:

  • Go to your Facebook Marketplace account. If you’re not familiar with it, just go to
  • Click on the left where it says Marketplace. You’ll be able to see all these items that are for sale now. Traditionally, Facebook Marketplace is very similar to craigslist where you would list an item up for sale. They would pay you through your online payment like PayPal, Venmo, etc., then you would send items directly to the customers using the dropshipping model here on Facebook Marketplace. If you look around, you’ll still see it’s used a lot for selling items locally. They sell so many different items like; video games, drawers storage, RVs, and many more. You can sell pretty much anything on Facebook Marketplace. That’s what we’re going to sell items on here but we’re going to dropship them now.
  • Once someone buys the item from us, we’re going to ship it or have our supplier ship it directly to them.

Step 2:

  • Who do we use as suppliers? We are just going to use The easy way to find great products to dropship on the Facebook Marketplace is by using Amazon.  Go to the platform to find a good item to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Copy everything, like the description, photos and list it up for sale on Facebook. When it sells, buy it from Amazon. For the shipping address, put in the buyer’s shipping address on Facebook so Amazon will ship the item directly to the customer. For instance, if you search an item for mainstays, you’ll see there are so many items from this brand. Choose items that are a bit higher in price because you can mark it up more and really get some good profit margins in there. Then, look for items that have been sold a bunch of times. Once you found a good item on Amazon, scroll down to the description, highlight it and search for it on google. When you’ve found a winning product right here, this sells really well on Facebook Marketplace.

Step 3:

  • Go to your Facebook Marketplace account, click on the left where it says to create a new listing.  Keep this as simple as possible, remember not to try to make this complicated to be able to start your first successful side hustle or another successful side hustle.
  • Click on the item for sale. Use the stock images and stock descriptions that were already provided by Amazon. Save the stock photos to desktop. Go over to Facebook and click on add photos. Select all those saved photos. Create the title of the item on the Facebook Marketplace is really important because there will be other people selling the same product. If you have a better title, there’s a greater chance they’re going to buy it from you than from someone else. So what makes a good title well. The most important thing for a good title is that it needs to be packed, full of keywords. This is what people are going to be searching for when they’re looking for this product.
Keywords SEO (Pricebackers)
  • Now the description, copy all from Amazon and paste it into the Facebook Marketplace description. Remove some irrelevant words to make it look a little bit nicer.

Step 4:

So what’s going to happen next is, you’re going to start to get a ton of messages from different customers or potential customers. They are going to want to know more information about the product whether it’s available. And if you’re going to lower the price of it at all, so this is a lot different than other marketplaces like Amazon. There’s a lot more haggling that goes on. That’s just part of the game with it so you can talk to people get them more comfortable with purchasing the item. Work on lowering the price a little bit to get the kind of to buy it right away. You get a little build-up skill here of negotiating and getting people to buy the item from you. Once they actually purchase it from you, that next step is really simple. You’ll get a notification on Facebook that the sale happened and they’ll give you the address to ship the item. Or if you got the payment off of Facebook, the customer will message you the shipping address.


So what you then do is go to Amazon. Add the item to the cart and start the checkout process. For the shipping address, the item’s going to go directly to the customer. So get the address from Facebook and paste it right here. Click save the address to complete the checkout process. Amazon is literally going to fulfill the order for you. They’re going to ship the item directly to the customer. So you never have to handle the inventory,  handle the box at all.

Now once you make your first sale,  you’re going to see that the product research is going to get easier.  Because you’re going to know better what products are selling well on Facebook Marketplace. And you’re just going to sell more of those products once you start to build that momentum. That’s how people are making hundreds and thousands of dollars with this incredibly simple business model. 

This is why you can do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have your laptop and an internet connection.



Now that you are selling items on Facebook Marketplace, you could earn more money while doing the dropshipping business. Many retailers have policies that allow shoppers to receive refunds on purchases when there is a price drop or when another retailer is selling for a lower price. These price adjustments, price match, and late shipment policies can boost your dropshipping profits substantially. And with PriceBackers, all the work is done for you. All you need to do is sign up with a Gmail account and connect your PayPal account to start earning refunds. The Gmail account that you sign up with should have the order confirmation emails from your suppliers, and that is what PriceBackers is using to track down your refunds. If you did not use Gmail for your supplier email, you can auto-forward the emails to a Gmail account and that works too.

Once you’re all set up, PriceBackers does the rest for you. It will scan your emails and find applicable refunds for you. The refunds will be credited to your account through the same payment method you used when making the purchase. For example, if you paid using a credit card, you will get your refund as a credit back to your card. If you paid using a gift card, you will get a new gift card with the refund amount. You will be getting refunds throughout the month and PriceBackers will take a 30% commission of the refunds it helped you obtain. Payment is made via PayPal at the beginning of the following month.  If you did not receive any refunds during the month, you don’t pay anything to Price Backers. There is absolutely no risk to you for using this service. You can also cancel the service at any time and there are no cancellation fees. PriceBackers is a software that helps you get refunds from retailers for price drop, price match, and late shipments when dropshipping on any marketplace.


Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is a very simple business model! If you’re a beginner and looking for a very simple way to get started without a huge upfront investment of time or money,  there’s nothing simpler than this right here selling on Facebook. Which you already have sold from suppliers like Amazon. Which are so incredibly simple and easy to get started selling from. And start earning more money from cashback or cash return with PriceBackers software. Sign up now and start earning refunds immediately!

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