How To Dropship On Amazon From Walmart? Does Walmart Allow Dropshipping? How To Make Money In Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping from Walmart on Amazon (Pricebackers)

How to dropship on Amazon from Walmart? Does Walmart allow dropshipping? How to make money in dropshipping business? How to get eCommerce dropshipping reimbursement?

There’s a lot of people who are wondering how to dropship from Walmart to Amazon and how to make money in dropshipping business. It is still possible and lucrative how you do it. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to make a successful business dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon Step-by-Step! 

When it comes to the status of dropshipping on Amazon from Walmart is that something people should be doing. 


Here is the step-by-step on how to dropship with Walmart:

  • Creating an account in Go to google and type “sell on Walmart”. Click
  • Getting a Resale Certificate.
  • Finding Suppliers.
  • Finding profitable items/Product Research.
  • Ordering for dropshipping and uploading tracking numbers.
  • Miscellaneous; such as Payment Details, Handling Time Returns, etc.


Walmart Partnership (Pricebackers)

Walmart is one of the best online retailers. They are just so easy to work with to any new seller should definitely be looking at as a supplier. And a lot of other companies and websites are trying to catch up on Walmart’s doing a good job.


Walmart marketplace has more than 100,000 sellers and still growing. In addition, Walmart has fast shipping good customer service, and tons of different items. There are other websites out there that might be a little bit more complicated. There’s a lot of issues that you have to deal with in terms of shipping time. But Walmart is a great source you can trust to be able to build a reliable income.

On the other hand, one of the keys here really is the first few months. You’re just trying to gain traction and juicy interaction by selling a lot of products. And the easiest way to do that is with Walmart, how we find products to dropship onto Amazon.


Seller Partnership with Walmart (Pricebackers)

As a Marketplace seller at Walmart, you will have control over your business including inventory, retail pricing, fulfillment, and customer care. By joining Walmart Marketplace, you have the unique opportunity to reach over 100 million unique visitors each month and to join the thousands of suppliers and sellers that call themselves Walmart partners. 


Benefits as Walmart member (Pricebackers)

Moreover, Walmart’s membership has a lot of benefits like Free shipping,  Free delivery from your store, Rx for less, member prices on fuel, and Mobile scan & go. The membership helps you save more time and money. Their membership fee is only $12.95/month or $98/year.


To become a member, you must accept the Terms of Use, including the mandatory arbitration provision set for in section 20 of the Terms of Use, as well as these Walmart+ Terms of Use.  Also, Walmart offers a 15-day free trial to those who want to try to become a member. You can cancel anytime if you don’t want to.


There are several different ways that you can do this like product research techniques using different software. If you have software that is added to your Chrome extensions,  the next thing is we have to look at the criteria to determine if a product is a good one to sell on Amazon. This is going to accelerate the product research for you. It makes our lives easier and gain more money because it frees up more time for us. So it’s not enough just to list any product from Walmart and list it up for sale on Amazon.


First: Look up items from Walmart on Amazon.

Second: Spy other dropshipping sellers on Amazon and look up their items on Walmart.

Third: Use an automation tool to do it for you or to help you out finding profitable products.


FIRST:  Make sure the item is available for sale on both Walmart and on Amazon. Go to Amazon and search for items available for sale. If an item is available for sale on Amazon, that item originated from Walmart. This is a really good way to find items being dropshipped from Walmart. You can find a brand new item on Walmart and create a listing on Amazon for an item that no one has ever sold on Amazon. You could do that but it’s a lot of work to create a listing on Amazon. There’s no guarantee that that item on Amazon will ever actually sell.

SECOND: Look for items that are already selling well on Amazon. The second thing that we do is that we make sure that products have BSR (Best Seller Rank). A Chrome extension software will tell you what the bestseller rank products are. You can enter what’s called the ASIN. Amazon gives every item that exists on its website an identifying number called the ASIN. We recommend in some cases under 300K BSR and in some cases less than 100K BSR. In addition to this, Amazon likes to put more popular items at the forefront or on the first page of the search results.  Because if other people are buying them, that means that when you search for the Keyword, there’s a chance that you’re going to want to buy it as well.  So that’s the reason why these more popular items do tend to show up.

THIRD: Make sure we could make a profit. We are going to compete with certain sellers that have at least 90% feedback. For example, a Sellers sells an item for $228.95,  they are the cheapest but their rating is only 76%. We will not even be going to compete with them. Because people are not as likely to buy from them. Some Sellers are still selling the item even though they are not the lowest price. So you do not have to be the lowest price here.


  • Item must be profitable-we must be the cheapest seller while still being profitable. Ensure to get the buybox on Amazon. This recommends the customer buy the item. One of the main criteria to getting in the buybox is being either the cheapest seller.
  • Include any Walmart shipping fees in the price of the item. Items below $35 on Walmart are $5.99 to ship. Items that are above $35 are free shipping.
  • Make sure both items are the same. An item from Walmart has to be identical to the item we are dropshipping on Amazon.
  • Ship and sold by Walmart. If something happens to the item, you can directly contact Walmart.
  • Best Sellers Rank (BSR). This is automatically calculating the sales ranking data by the Amazon algorithm.


So, now we want to know if you are actually going to make a profit selling this item. Go to this website  You could just search for the Amazon FBA calculator.  This will actually calculate how much profit you would make on the sale. 


How to get eCommerce dropshipping reimbursement? Every time we shop at Walmart, we use a cashbacks website though. Good thing there is a new software that can help dropshippers to earn more profit or get cashback. PriceBackers is free software that helps e-commerce to get profit or reimbursement on their dropshipping business. It generates automatic refunds to customers who are doing the dropshipping business in Walmart and other big retailers. When you use this website after you sign in, that will give you an additional profit in your dropshipping business.


PriceBackers offers a 30% commission-based to our customers. However, this 30% commission will give only if the customer earned money. For example, if you earned $10,  it will cost $3. If you earn $100, we will charge 30% of what you earned. PriceBackers request the refunds for you! You need to enter as you do every few days to see if you got refunds, or eCommerce dropshipping reimbursement.


Any Seller can succeed to become successful and achieve financial freedom through this dropshipping business model. As long as we have a realistic idea of how much work and time it will take to get there. If you have the right mindset going in and follow the right process, anyone can achieve it!

This is literally something you’re doing on dropshipping while sitting on your couch. Or maybe hire a virtual assistant to help you run dropshipping business.  They could help you find lots of products that have a good best seller rank. And you can do some other things and make your life easier while earning more money through cashback or a cash refund with PriceBackers software.

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