How To Start Dropshipping Business On eBay? How To Find Products To Dropship On eBay? How To Make More Money?

How to start dropshipping business on eBay (Pricebackers)

Can you dropship on eBay? How to start dropshipping business on eBay? What are Refunds and Cashbacks in Dropshipping and How to make more money?  Are you still wondering about the particulars of the dropshipping process?

So many questions about dropship on eBay. Maybe someone doesn’t have any previous sales experience on how to start dropshipping on eBay from Amazon. You probably know that there are a TON of different products you can profitably and successfully dropship on eBay.

 Here, we can show you the exact eBay dropshipping tactics and strategies you can use to get ahead of your competition. We have to find the right items to put up for sale on eBay. It also explains here a little bit more about how to start eBay dropshipping with no money and as a complete beginner. Also, steps on how to sell on eBay and how to make more money. We can show you also here how to get cashbacks or refunds while doing the eBay dropshipping business.


Everything you need to know to start selling on eBay is to create an account. Then find a good product to sell on eBay. To sign up for an eBay account, go to this website All you need is an email address. Once your account is set up, you can buy, sell, and enjoy all the benefits of being an eBay member. And you can register as a Seller.


If you are thinking about selling eBay, you can choose to register as an individual or a business seller.

  • If you are a Registered Business Seller (Sole Proprietor/Single Member LLC, Corporation/Multi Member LLC, Partnership), select “Create a business account” on eBay on the registration page. It will ask for some additional details, like your business name, type, and address, as well as any beneficial owners, officers, directors, or account managers.
  • If you are a US-based Seller with inventory outside the US, you may have additional tax obligations. You can find more information about these possible obligations n the Seller Center.
  • Make sure that your bank account type matches your eBay account type. For example, if you have a business bank account, make sure you register as a business seller. If you have a personal account, you can change it to a business account from Account Setting.


3 Steps to Sell on eBay (Pricebackers)

Step 1: Create a listing first, open your eBay account. Type in a few keywords and find your item. Next, add your photos, you’ll put in a few details and that’s about it. When it comes to pricing, you’ve got an option. eBay can make a recommendation or you can pick your own price. After you enter your info, hit list your item and you’re good to go.

Step 2: Find a box store mailer if that is the right size for your item. This keeps your items safe and snug. Buyers love it when their packages look nice. If you’re shipping something delicate, use bubble wrap packing peanuts, or even just newspaper. In your eBay account,  you can find the item you just sold from there. You can purchase your shipping label and print it right at home. You can print labels through eBay because they have discs on it reading plus tracking is automatically shared with your buyer. A lot of people think shipping means standing in line all day. But that doesn’t have to be the case once you’ve labeled your packages.   All you need to do is hand them to a mail carrier or drop them at the post office or whatever shipping service you like to use.  

Step 3: After you’ve started selling on eBay, the next step is to ensure you’re able to get paid. Getting paid overview, click this link

Those steps are recommended for a new beginner account because they make your account safer in the future. So start selling products from home and then start to dropship.


So the first thing you’re going to do is a three-step formula that we use to find winning products after you set up your eBay account. 

First: Find other Dropshippers or Online Sellers. Go to the Amazon website to find random products. Click on where it says “Best Sellers” button on the top left because of what you are going to find. To continue, click on one of the random categories, like “Health and Household”. Then, copy the title or just part of the title and go over to eBay and search for the title. Then, find Seller information with lots of good feedback. Again remember, we are looking for other good drop shippers here and this is very important.

Second: Find what items they are already Selling. Click on the Sellers’ name that opens up their store and on the Left “Items for sale”. This will show you all the items they have for sale. Open the items individually. Underneath the title,   it tells you how many times the item sold. Look for items that have sold at a bare minimum at least one time. If they’ve sold at least one time, they’re probably going to sell again.  For example, you bought professional haircutting scissors that have $46 and sold them six times. This means that this item is going to be sold again. And it will give you the potential to sell the same products.

Last: List these items for sale. Now that you have found products are to list on Amazon for sale. The easiest way to find out products on Amazon is if you highlight the title text from eBay and search for it on Google, usually, that will pull up the listing on Amazon.  

So these are the three-step formula that you can do on eBay dropshipping. Our goal here is to look for other people who are dropshipping the best-selling items and sell them the same.


Increase your monthly profits at eBay Amazon (Pricebackers)

One of the benefits of dropshipping from Amazon is a software that can help and work really well in your dropshipping. It can increase your monthly profit in your eBay dropshipping business. There is some helpful software that you can use to help you quickly list items, reprice the items, and helps run your dropshipping business. And if you want to know how to make more money or another way to earn as a Seller, there is a new software that can give you extra income while doing the dropshipping business.


PriceBackers is a new software that gives you another way to get back profit and can earn a lot of money. Also, PriceBackers is free software that helps e-commerce to get a profit. It generates automatic refunds to customers who are doing the dropshipping. It will just connect to your Gmail account and your Amazon account if you dropship from Amazon. It will run and search for all the refunds and cashback from any platforms or retailers that you have been using for your dropshipping business.

Lastly, we can understand there is so much software that they are so important. But at the end of the day, what is most important is to make more money, earn more profit. As a dropshipper, this is what’s the most important how to make money.

And this PriceBackers software is an automated way to get refunds. It’s really powerful software, especially for all Dropshippers.


Once you get that stuff set up, you now have to add products to your eBay store. You need to find the right products. It’s not worth it to list any random products and to hope that they sell. You need a formula that shows you which products are going to sell well based on what’s already selling well. And one of the main aspects, when you can really earn a profit, is to earn on the back end. If you are able to earn not just from purchasing and selling the items but on the back end, there are real profits, like in PriceBackers software.

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