How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Amazon? Does Amazon Allow Dropshipping?

Amazon dropshipping (Pricebackers)


The answer is YES?  Amazon allows Online Sellers who do dropshipping business on the marketplace. Just to make sure that they abide by the rules and regulations as given by Amazon to the Sellers. Amazon can make some problems if the package arrives with the retail sign. So you can mix between sending directly to send by a middle warehouse that will flip and repackage the item.


Most of the online Sellers have dropped shipping on Amazon for over a year and have been working with a variety of Suppliers or Retailers. You’ll see online sellers always dropshipping from the same suppliers. But if you’re able to tap into one of these suppliers that not a lot of other sellers use,  that is a huge opportunity for you. You’re going to be selling products that have very low competition. A lot of Sellers might not like this answer as to what supplier you should use for.


There is a list of Suppliers you can get from different stores.  And within those stores,  a ton of different products you can find. 

In Amazon,  the truth is that there is no golden supplier. It’s whatever supplier works best for you. And a lot of times it’s not about the supplier themselves, it’s about how well you learn to work with that supplier. One thing that you would recommend is any new suppliers. If you do dropshipping on both eBay and Amazon, try any new supplier on eBay first. eBay is a bit more forgiving if you have any problems like late shipments or late deliveries or any quality issues. You can kind of test the products to a new supplier on eBay before you bring it over to Amazon. 


Walmart (Pricebackers)

Walmart is one of the most popular ones to start with. Even though we do suggest eventually branch out into some of these other suppliers, Walmart is still a really good place to start. And the reason for that is because they have a huge variety of different products that you can sell on Amazon. They also have fast shipping on a lot of their items. Sometimes as fast as two (2) days. And they have free shipping on all orders over $35. A lot of the items will get free shipping or you can bundle them together into a two-pack that qualifies for free shipping. They always have really good competitive pricing and really good customer service and easy return. 

Home Depot (Pricebackers)

Home Depot has been one of the Sellers’ favorite sites to work with. Also applies to Home Depot, they have a huge variety of items free shipping on all orders over $45. They have a lot of sales and ways to save money with things like cashbacks and discounted gift cards. They do some price-matching fast shipping as well. And we have found that their customer service is really really good. What you really like about them is that you can open up chats on their website.  Home Depot’s obviously really good for tools and things like their furniture selection. It is really much easier to outsource with Home Depot. It has very reputable brands sites and maintains that reputation. Also, Home Depot does have good customer service that can ship its items out quickly. Home Depot is the best supplier for our CEO Omer Ashkenazi.

Costco (Pricebackers)

Costco is one of the first suppliers for drop shipping on Amazon. To shop on Costco on the website and in tores, you need a membership card that you have to pay for yearly.  In Costco membership, we can add a second person into it, the executive card. Costco doesn’t ship everywhere because it requires freight shipping. If you’re not in the area near the Costco warehouse, they do actually not send it to you. It’s a kind of good liability because they want to keep their shipping expenses short. 

Sams club (Pricebackers)

Sam’s Club is one of the giant warehouse retailers. It offers more products they stock in their stores and clubs across the nation. There is a much wider selection available at Sam’s Club. Also, Sam’s Club’s parent company is Walmart. And you will find that many of the bulk offerings are identical at both Walmart and Sam’s Club. The larger-scale purchases from major brands are actually more aggressive at Sam’s Club. Now, when it comes to ordering fulfillment, curbside pickup, Sam’s Club is actually faster by a day. Instead of stocking every item in every available brand, Sam’s Club merchants do their homework for its members, stocking the right products and purchasing them in large quantities, passing on the savings to its members.

Dics Sporting Goods (Pricebackers)

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc., or Dick’s, is a sporting good retailer that was established in 1948. It is one of the best places to buy sporting goods in America and all over the world. It offers an extensive assortment of authentic, high-quality sports equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories. If you’re looking for some good sporting equipment, come to Dick’s. They’ve got good stuff and a lot of variety. Dick’s has a  great partnership with different suppliers and continues working with them that includes smooth on-time delivery and continuous order fulfillment.

Bed and Bath (Pricebackers)

Bed Bath & Beyond became a massive home goods retailer with a decentralized structure and a focus on keeping customers happy. In the popular imagination, Bed Bath & Beyond is best known for its generous coupon policy. BB&B allows online sellers to sell products on their website. Inventory feeds will keep available quantity updated, and customer purchases will be forwarded to the seller for fulfillment. Due to the Covid pandemic, many people have turned BB&B’s website to buy cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, bedding, and other items for their homes. They reaffirmed a prior sales outlook for the coming years, noting that positive sales momentum has carried into the current quarter.

Overstock (Pricebackers)

Dropshipping from Overstock became very popular and a lot of drop shippers started to work with this supplier as their main dropshipping supplier. This is an American supplier so we have up to 5 shipping days to any location in the United States. The shipping is also free so we can send all of the products of Overstock. Also, Overstock has amazing customer support. Their Live Chat is open most of the time in the day which allows us to communicate easily with them. It gives our customers the best customer support easier. Overstock doesn’t have a lot of the warehouse which is good for dropshippers. Because the shipping time is fine and we don’t have taxes to most of the states in the United States.

Scheels (Pricebackers)

Scheels is one of the big retailers who are in sports, outdoor recreation, and clothing store featuring products from many different brands. Also, they offer fun attractions and activities like a Ferris Wheel, mini-bowling alley, and a full-service cafe. It offers the best retail experience of any sporting goods or outdoor leisure retailer operating today. Scheels has more than 6-thousand associates and has a lot of passions when it comes to customer service with values and traditions.

Wayfair (Pricebackers)

Wayfair Inc. is an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home goods. Formerly known as CSN Stores, the company was founded in 2002. Some dropshippers are asking if we can drop ship from Wayfair onto Amazon dropship. If you explore their website, it’s pretty clear right away that they have a large variety of home goods furniture, chairs, tables decorations and this is really excellent for dropshippers. Wayfair has over 800,000 products. So that’s something else you want to look for how many different products they have for sale. They’re also very competitive with their pricing that’s something you want to look at. You can look at some of their items and see what the prices of these items are or similar items on different websites. There are some items that are really cheap and that’s really good because it allows you to have room to grow as a new seller. You want to sell some of the cheaper items because they’ll be easier for you to move. But once you start leveling up,  you get the ball rolling with the stores you want to start selling some of the more pricey items. You can make more money and Wayfair gives you room to do. 

These are the top suppliers that Sellers can use for Amazon dropshipping business.  And those are the different suppliers we have given you some insight into how to evaluate new suppliers. 


Furthermore, Online Seller has always had problems with shipping out products on time with quality of how the Supplier ship the items, like got damaged in transit. A lot of their website gets buggy and a lot of times it doesn’t work which means you order items late. Also, in many cases, the products have price drops or changes on any of your supplier’s websites. These things will make you lose your profit then.


There is new software to manage your price back or profit back end in your dropshipping business. PriceBackers will help you get cashbacks or refunds. With the right evidence, retailers will complete a price adjustment, which will refund the difference between the price the customer paid and the current price. After you purchase products from retailers, PriceBackers software will make sure that if the price drops or changes, our users get the price difference automatically. PriceBackers works with about at this time with Walmart, Home Depot, Target,  and some more Retailers soon. With PriceBackers, you can shop and run your dropshipping business as normal -and enjoy the extra money that comes with price change refunds and cashbacks rewards!

This software recommends by most top reliable Suppliers for dropshipping on Amazon.


If you are looking to dropship on Amazon for the first time or looking to expand into some new suppliers, if you’ve got any sort of value in this article, you know what to do. By finding an appropriate Supplier and choosing the right software for your cashbacks rewards like PriceBackers, you can easily manage your Dropshipping business and gain more profits.

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