What To Do If Product Is Out Of Stock In FBMP? How Does FBMP Dropshipping Work And How Do I Get A Refund?

Out of stock fbmp Pricebackers

What to do if the product is out of stock in Facebook Marketplace dropshipping business? How does dropshipping work in FBMP? How do we get a refund? Things to know about FBMP.

Out-of-stock products in our Facebook Marketplace stores are really hard and it will have a great impact on the customer if we don’t know how to manage them.


Facebook Marketplace was introduced in 2016. It is a platform that became popular for people selling items to local buyers. It is a model like comparing it to would be craigslist. Facebook Marketplace is viewed to be a little bit safer and user-friendly because people’s identities are tied to Facebook social media. Since it first launched, FBMP now gives the sellers on their business the ability to selling products nationwide. It has certain categories which provides sellers and buyers a much larger marketplace.


Currently, Facebook Marketplace has 1B users and still growing. People are using it to sell their used household items and new products as well. Some people are even doing what’s called retail arbitrage. Basically the practice of buying in-demand products from a retail store and then later selling them online for a higher price.


If you’re a beginner looking to get started, this is the business model that you should be doing now. Dropshipping in FBMP works can really change depending on who your supplier is.

Facebook Marketplace is booming.  It’s becoming like a thing most sellers always wanted to do it. Everyone can sell locally. Someone can come up and pick your item online, then you can deliver it to them through dropshipping. You do not have to buy any inventory or a store. You’re just going to be creating listings for items from your supplier’s website. Then once you sell, contact your supplier to process the order.

That’s how Facebook Marketplace dropshipping business works.


I do i start fbmp dropshipping (Pricebackers)
  • Create a listing and sell someone else’s product. You need to understand what are the winning products to list. This will get a big impact on how you can sell your item when you’re listing it on the FBMP. Facebook Marketplace has some helpful tools to help you enhance your listing in your dropshipping business. You can use those tools to do things like adding text, searching for winning products, etc.
  • Put images, title, and description. Make sure the photos are very clear high-quality.  Keyword optimization in the title is very important. Describe the item that you’re selling in your business, include things such as the color, the condition, as well as a benefit of that item in your listing.
  • Put mark up price so you can make a profit. Be sure to clearly state how much you want to sell for the item. Then that product will be out there in the marketplace for anyone to purchase.


We use big retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, or other Retailers, on Facebook Marketplace dropshipping business. We can use their product images, description, and titles. The only thing that we change is the price.  We can sell the product at a higher price. And whenever someone purchases an item from us, they actually buying that item from Walmart or Home Depot, or other Retailers. They just don’t know that we are the middleman. When someone purchased the item, we just go on the Retailer’s website. We buy the item and send it directly to the person who purchased it from us.


In terms of the payment transaction how it works. Customers will actually be able to pay and check out all inside of Facebook. It’s called facebook payments. The transaction actually takes place on Facebook right inside a messenger. There are going to be some fees associated with that Facebook is going to charge a $5 fee on the entire selling. You get paid directly through Facebook as well right into your bank account after the product is delivered to the customers. It’s so important to always update tracking information. Never go with any dropship provider that doesn’t provide tracking information through your Paypal account.

Facebook releases your money and that’s how you essentially turn a profit on the FBMP. This should give you a pretty good idea if you’re not sure about what dropshipping is. It works 5 days after the item arrives. Then, Facebook will initiate the payment.


Out of stock FBMP (Pricebackers)

What to do and how to find if the product is out-of-stock in FBMP?  How to resolve the problem and make an alternative solution without losing the customer?

As dropshippers or sellers,  we need to ensure that products being sold on the FBMP stores are available and delivered to the customer on time. However, there are some cases that products are unavailable due to some reasons from the Retailers or other issues that may occur out of the blue.


How to find solutions for out-of-stock products, should we avoid at all times all that kind of stuff? 

Review your Shipping Orders in your FBMP account. Check the product under “waiting to be shipped”.  Copy the item description and go to Walmart or your retailers.  If you found that the selling price in Walmart is much higher, that means the product is out of stock. Also, if the product does not find in the other Retailers with the same product, the product is difficult to find.

Out of stock in some cases really is unavoidable. But there are a few different tactics or solutions that you can use to minimize the effects of running out of stock.  When you run out of stock,  that negatively impacts your sales performance. Sales performance is key for making sure that you rank to the top for your primary keywords.


In order to resolve the issue, you can message the customer without saying that this item is out of stock. Instead, you can say the product has been damaged or defective during the process. You don’t want to send the defective item, and cancel the order with refundable money. This way, the customer can understand why the product will not be delivered from your side. And you can keep a good relationship between you and your buyer.

In addition, you can also tell the buyer to cancel the order. That way, it will not affect your Seller’s Metrics because FBMP monitors your Performance Metrics. Accepting the cancellation request from the buyers will not impact your Seller Metrics.

Accept Cancellation Pricebackers

There are some cases also that the shipment has been delayed due to related shortage issues. Products are incomplete or it has damage that you need to replace in a good condition. All of these things will get a big impact on your Seller Metrics if you don’t know how to make or find a good solution.


Here are examples of script letters on how to cancel out-of-stock products without affecting your Seller’s Metrix in FBMP. You might use these also with your buyers when responding without losing them.

* Out of Stock 1

Thank you for your recent order. You are receiving this message because we received news from our regional warehouse that this item was damaged as it was taken off the shelf and was the last one we had in stock.  So, unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill the order.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We have provided instructions below on how to cancel your order and have any hold on your funds released as soon as possible.  So that you may purchase this item from another seller.


  1. Log into your FBMP account
  2. Navigate to “Your Account”
  3. Select “Your Orders”
  4. Locate this order #
  5. Press the appropriate button to cancel the order

We value the opportunity to be of service to you and sincerely apologize for the Inconvenience.

* Out of Stock 2

Thank you for your recent order. We are really sorry that you didn’t receive your product. We have contacted our shipping carrier and unfortunately, your order has been lost in the mail, and we cannot fulfill your order at this time.  You have already been refunded in full. Your bank can take a few business days to adjust the amount to your account.  We can replace it with you but unexpectedly we are sold out. We have provided instructions below on how to cancel your order and have any hold your funds released as soon as possible so that you may purchase this item from another seller.


  1. Log into your FBMP account
  2. Navigate to “Your Account”
  3. Select “Your Orders”
  4. Locate this order #
  5. Press the appropriate button to cancel the order

We value the opportunity to be of service to you and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Cancellation Complete

Thank you. Your order has been canceled. Your payment will be refunded within 24-48 hours or even less, depending on the method of payment. We apologize that we could not complete the transaction. Thank you for your cooperation, have an incredible day!


Now that you resolve the problem without losing the customer but you still want to keep or return your lost earnings or cashback. You can have an opportunity to find some alternative to get profit.  Good things there is a new software that can help Dropshippers to get profit on their shipping businesses.

PriceBackers is free software that generates automatic refunds to help eCommerce sellers who are doing the dropshipping business in Home Depot, Walmart, and Target.

With PriceBackers, you can shop and run your online businesses as normal -and enjoy the extra money that comes with price change refunds and cashback rewards!


Managing your online business with a strong relationship professionally, and using the right eCommerce method and tools are the most important thing you need to maintain,  in order to succeed in your dropshipping business.

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