How Do Cashbacks Work And Get More Using Pricebackers On Dropshipping Business?

Get more cashbacks using PriceBackers

How do cashbacks work? What is Dropshipping business and how to start with this? Can you get cashbacks?  

Dropshipping is a powerful business for eCommerce brands. It is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in physical inventory stock.

When an online store sells a product using the right Dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

As Dropshippers, we need to use another way to maximize the full potential that we can earn while doing the D
ropshipping business. 

The good news, there is a good opportunity to have a cashbacks or back-end profit with PriceBackers software that can give us a profit reimbursement on our product purchase.

This PriceBackers software will just connect to your Gmail account. It will run and search for all the refunds and cashbacks from any platforms or retailers that you have been using for your Dropshipping business.


Omer, the man behind the PriceBackers software, has been doing Dropshipping business for the last five (5) years. The Dropshipping Retailers he uses are Home DepotWalmarteBay, and Amazon. “As a Dropshipper, we need to understand what we want and try to get as much profit as we can”, he said. There are some reliable discount gift cards, tax-exempt and a cashback being offered for Dropshippers, based on him.

That is the reason why he searched for more options to get cashbacks or backend profits.  

Omer then established PriceBackers software to make a profit on purchases for Dropshippers like him. 


PriceBackers is a free software that helps e-Commerce Sellers to get profit on their dropshipping business by price drop, price match, and late shipment service on retailers and between retailers.

In addition, PriceBackers software gives Dropshipper a profit on each purchase made by them.

With PriceBackers, you don’t have to worry about checking the supplier if there’s a price drop, the software will do it for you. You will get a cash refund once you start purchasing using the software. This allows you to earn more without discounting your products.

PriceBackers generates automatic refunds to customers who are doing the Dropshipping business. These refunds should be for more retailers or suppliers. 

Currently, PriceBackers supports only Home Depot, Walmart, and Target, in the meantime. And will add more retailers soon.


PriceBackers has three (3) main features that give refunds to Dropshippers.

Pricebackers Price Drops

* First: Price Drop -Ex: When you bought a product with a price of $100 from Home Depot. After a while, the price decreased to $80, PriceBackers software knew the difference that resulted in being refunded to Dropshipper.

Pricebackers Price Match

* Second: Price Match -which means that if you bought a product with a $100 price, and the product is less priced than at Walmart, PriceBackers software will calculate the price difference. It can track if the retailer’s price matches the lowest price. Thanks to our Algorithm that helps us with this process exactly. 

PricebackersLate Shipment Service

* Third: Late Shipment Service -which means if the products arrived late to your customers, PriceBackers software knows that, too. Our team will ask for an adjustment for you from the Retailers (Home Depot or Walmart) and get a cash refund. 


PriceBackers offers a 30% commission-based to our customers. However, this 30% commission will give only if the customer earned money. For example, if you earned $10, it will cost $3. If you earn $100, we will charge 30% of what you earned. PriceBackers request the refunds for you!

You need to enter as you do every few days to see if you got refunds. For example, if you earned ten times $30 during the month, PriceBackers will charge at the beginning of the next month. We will charge 30% between $30 from your PayPal account.

Example of Customer’s Earnings:

It shows here the earnings that are generated by our smart software. You can get updated every few days about your earnings. You cannot get profit for only a few months like from discount cards, but only from this software. Really amazing what this software does!

It shows the scanned items you purchased and you can export the refund report for your record.

It shows the emails to scan and can connect as many Gmail accounts as you can.

It shows the PayPal preferred payment method. It’s the quickest, easiest and most secure way to pay for you for using PriceBacker’s services online. If there is a problem with payment please let us know, and our team will work hard to resolve any issues!

* Add your Gmail account  that you use with the retailers that you purchase from.

* Connect a PayPal account as a secure payment method for monthly fees.

* That’s it! We do all the rest ! Our team works hard to claim money back on your behalf – and we will make sure you get your funds fast!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make purchases in the past? We read purchase emails from up to 90 days ago when you sign up for the PriceBackers service.


PriceBackers is a Must-Have way to get more money for Dropshippers. So now you know how do cashbacks work. Start converting Purchases to Earnings, NOW!

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