5 Essential Tips for Entry Level Dropshippers

It is easy to become a dropshipper, but it is generally hard to balance it for a long time in this highly competitive marketplace. Many new entrepreneurs start doing this business with a dream to become successful online sellers without any hassle. However, they get failed to continue longer due to many reasons.

Following are some tips for inexperienced dropshippers on how to win the game of drop shipping from competitors;

1) Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform

New startups make a common mistake of opening a store on any e-commerce platform that they see online without analyzing more! So further, they might suffer a lot to manage their smooth-sailing.

Thus before entering into the dropshipping market, you need to work on planning well. You have to compare all the features and capabilities of different e-commerce platforms. The choice also depends on your target market and what type of products you want to sell.

So a good e-commerce platform is the one that is mobile-friendly, scalability and offers the distributor’s product feed. It should provide security, use popular ERPs, accounting software CRMs, and automate taxes and freight!

2) Focus on your Brand

A common mistake that many new drop shippers do is neglect working on promoting their online shop or business! So, they need to understand this even if they are selling products from someone else. Additionally, it is highly essential to uplift your brand value of the online store.

After all, they are responsible for the order fulfillment part of the complete process of online sales in drop shipping. Proper control and execution of underlying operations, marketing, and customer service are essential. It can help one to become a profitable and successful online reseller!

3) Do not oversell your products

Imagine a case when a customer has placed an order on your shop, but you came to know that it is not in available stock from the supplier! What can you do in this case? Do you have any backup options?

If not, then the only possibility left is you might need to face bad words from such customers. It is because you need to cancel the order or increase the waiting period until the stocks will be back for shipping.

Do you want to face this situation that can affect your business to lose its customer’s trust? Hence, as a dropshipper, it is essential for you to always maintain the proper inventory records in your store. It is possible only by regular checking of the stock records with your supplier. So, according to it, the website should also be updated to avoid over-ordering the items.

4) Deciding the Selling Price

After entering the reseller dropshipping business, a major challenge that you need to face is to chase the lower profit margin. Customers always want to buy a product at the lowest price possible.

So the items that you are reselling online must beat the offerings of your counterparts! But it does not mean you will sell an item at a too low price than it should be, and as a result of this, you need to face an unexpected loss.

You need to identify your every expenditure well, including what you are paying to the product’s supplier. It includes website maintenance, marketing, and many more. In this way, you will make sure a healthy profit margin for your business!

5) Recovering the Losses

Many people do not consider the hidden charges or losses incurred while dealing with the drop shipping business. Different Dropshipping suppliers have different policies that one should know well to dive into this profession!

In this case, the suitable solution for you is to use a Data-driven solutions agent. It can provide all in one dashboard to know about actionable insights on your purchases to recover some money and be more profitable.


A large amount of Dropshippers is an actual reason behind the massive popularity of e-commerce! By the way, it is equally accepted by worldwide shopping enthusiasts! So, you can try it if you are enthusiastic about becoming an online seller! However, it is best to follow the above tips to save time and earn more than expected!

A new reseller’s bonus tip is to ask your best or most preferred supplier for product reviews to be added to your latest formed store. It can be used as testimonials or a history of similar purchases.

It will sure help resellers to fill their empty column of product review on their website page. A supplier is generally having such data in their dealer portal or database that they do not mind sharing with their partners!

As an easy to start a business, drop shipping needs less capital. The risk behind it is almost negligible! The best thing about it is that the process can be automated even to remove the minimal effort required of a dropshipper!

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