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Are you on a journey to becoming a responsible seller? If yes, you must add PriceBackers to your list. PriceBackers helps you look out for your profits on eBay and Amazon by providing solutions that give you easy returns whenever the price of a commodity drops.


We, at PriceBackers, bring your lost money back to your pocket through price matching and price adjustment. You can track refunds from the following retailers:

  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Lowe’s
  • Target

We  are aware of the various struggles that dropshippers face. At PriceBackers, this is our area of expertise and we have quite a lot of experience in this business. We can give you A to Z solutions about why most drop shipping companies face hurdles in realizing their potential.

  Problems the Dropshippers Face

The entry threshold on eBay and Amazon is surprisingly low. That allows unlimited drop shippers to enter this online platform for selling online.

dropshipping transactions on eBay increased by 146%. However, how many drop shippers benefit from this platform is uncertain. Do new entries suit those drop-shippers who already hold their business with them?

No, only because it creates a severe rivalry among the competitors of a brand. People will choose a dropshipping service that provides a low cost, quick service. That leads to less trafficking.

To maintain an upper hand in this war of prices, drop-shippers need services that can help in price matching so that they can compare and update you about the price that your buyers want.

To keep track of the lowest costs of the retailer can be a draining exercise. That is why price protection becomes important for profits in the long-run.

Well, if you are not responsible for the late delivery of the buyers’ products, why should you face the consequences of it?

Dropshippers unfairly face bad reviews from their buyers if they exceed their delivery time. This tarnishes its image in the online marketplace. Unfortunately, drop shippers cannot explain to the buyers that there is often a delay from the side of the retailers which drop shippers do not have control over.

You can use price protection services to help you overcome the loss that occurs as a result of a gap between the retailer and the buyer. 

If you face late deliveries from the side of retailers, PriceBackers assesses that and drops a notification about the same by detecting your data. This information can help you in notifying the buyers about the delay.

Such a customer-friendly policy says a lot about your company’s sincerity, which helps in building good relations with your customers. At PriceBackers we further pursue the retailer for either refunding the seller or giving due credits for the loss.

Unorganized Data That Limits Traffic

Maintaining a dropshipping business is harder than starting it. As you extend the horizon of your business, you face the need to invest time in analyzing the success of multiple services that you offer.

You need to examine which buyers are bringing you maximum profit. You also have to keep a check on the products that benefit you the most. Paying attention to areas that get you maximum traffic is crucial if you wish to optimize your business’ success.

Services like PriceBackers have entered the eCommerce market to make that possible. They organize your data and suggest means through which you can upgrade your business. To help you develop an understanding of the functioning of PriceBackers, you can read the following procedure about what makes this business useful.

How PriceBackers Works

At PriceBackers we aim to transfer value to customers by monitoring their business to notify them about price changes. Whenever the price drops, we pursue the retailer to refund drop shippers with the price difference.

A customer has to purchase from brands of our company. You then join our team and add a PayPal account. Now, continue dropshipping as we earn money for you by comparing prices.

1.   Monitors The Sales of Retailers

Whenever you sell a commodity sourced from the brands of our company such as Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, or Target. PriceBacker keeps a check on the sales that these brands perform in the subsequent time. PriceBackers price match policies automatically compare these rates with online merchants such as eBay and Amazon. or PriceBackers price match policies automatically compare these rates and relevant for online dropshippers at eBay and Amazon.

The purpose of this close examination of sales is to find the lowest price at which the retailer sells a commodity. As soon as the data-driven technology of PriceBackers finds a clue, they inform the drop shipper.

2.   Cuts The Unnecessary Cost and Earns Quick Refunds

In case our customers, who are dropshipping from the sources mentioned above, have paid a higher price, our purpose is to reclaim that amount. Subsequently, we chase the retailer for the price difference that the customer deserves.

Through price adjustment, we recover the extra margin you invested. Sounds like a magical way of earning? Indeed, it is a hassle-free method of purchase protection as it reserves your right to low-cost dropshipping.

3.   Demands a Small Commission From Profits

Out of your total profit, PriceBackers claims only 30% of your earnings. For example, if Mary receives $100 as a price difference from the retailer, Mary has to pay only $30 to PriceBacker as a commission.

In case the customers receive no money after the pursuit, they do not owe any amount to PriceBackers for the in-between process, also called the price-matching services.

Get Profit on Your Purchases

If there is a final thought that we would like to pass on, it is that dropshipping is a business that requires patience and the right channelizing of resources. You have to partner with a company that promises trust and visible benefits that are permanent and continual. 

PriceBackers focuses on optimizing the success of your business through the brand of our company. Our vision is to get you profit, which in turn will upgrade our returns. With collaborative growth, we hope to define a new future for our dropshippers and us.

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