How new Online Sellers can become successful Dropshippers?

You might be maintaining a beautiful looking online store for dropshipping. Not only this, you are offering great deals in the market, but still lacking sales! Many factors can affect the overall sales of online sellers. Following are the important ones;


1) The Power Of SEO

First of all, the websites or online stores of fruitful online resellers have vast traffic. Hence, this enhances their probability of higher sales and regularly adds to their enormous customer base.

How they achieved it?

It is possible after applying proper SEO strategies in their business!

Tricks for Newbies

Use paid campaigns and Adwords to boost traffic if you have enough budget. Otherwise, you can look for a long-lasting and cost-efficient method to rank your online store on popular search engines. It can be done using best practices of Search Engine Optimization!

Optimizing every page of your online shop will boost their chances of visibility for their target visitors. So using the proper SEO strategy will definitely ensure relevant and organic traffic for the long run. Hence, it can increase your chances of getting more traffic and sales in the future!


2) The convenience of Payment for Customers

Well experienced online sellers reduce the possibility of cart abandonment. It can be done by offering a handful of ways to clear the online payments for their customers during checkout!

How they achieved it?

It is possible to provide multiple options for payment so that the clients can choose any one as per their preference!

Tricks for Newbies

Try to include as much number of payment options for your buyers in your store as possible. Familiar payment gateways will expedite the process of buying. They also help online buyers in ensuring the security of payments like price protection, or hassle-free refunds. It also depends on the regions that you are targeting. If it is of a global level, then PayPal should be there! It is one of the most preferred trusted payment gateways in many nations!

3) FAQ

Online shopping is not easy for the one who is doing it for the first time! A person might be having various doubts in mind and want someone to clear it. Of course, new dropshippers generally do not have much budget to hire a big team of client support agents who can remove their customer’s issues. So a useful technique is to create a separate page of Frequently Asked Question for them!

How they achieve it?

There are many quick links for the customers by clicking to which they will first be redirected to a FAQ page. If their issues are still unresolved, then customer support or contact details will be provided for personal help.

Tricks for Newbies

Buying decisions and retention rate of the customers can speed up using the FAQ page. It will also increase the client’s engagement on the website and build up their trust in the Brand.

A good place to decide where and how to start your e-commerce business.


4) Change with Competition

An online seller needs to depend on many tactics to survive the competition and boost their products’ sales in today’s scenario. It includes a Customer-friendly website, Personalized Promotional Notifications, Exclusive Deals, and Offers.

How they achieve it?

Lucrative resellers always take the benefit of their competition. It can be done by monitoring the social media, website, and blogs of the competitors. In this manner, they will determine their demographics of interest and further plan for the target market. It also helps them in driving customer engagement and offers the best in a particular niche.

Trick for Newbies

If you do not guess where you are lacking, you need to refer to your competitor’s online reviews or ratings and learn from it. You can also make price comparisons on your website with other sellers. Uncover the gaps and apply them to your service. In this manner, you are pre-preparing yourself to serve more clients and gain their trust!

5) Be with your Promise

During online shopping, a customer initially checks for specific options. It includes product availability, delivery charges, shipping time, product return/replacement, and more. Among them, shipping time matters a lot, and it is the time it takes from the order date to the date of delivery! Most of the customer feedbacks for an e-commerce service depends on how fast they shipped the product!

How they achieve it?

They use all appropriate policies and precautions to neglect over shipping times!

Tricks for Newbies

It is essential to correctly mention the exact delivery time of a product right on its order page. It is also very convenient for a buyer if you provide a link or information for them regarding the shipment tracking. Never underestimate the after-sales client support with the shipment of products to satisfy them! You can also take a data-driven agent’s help to ease the process with Price Protection and Price comparison!



Above are the proven facts that many successful entrepreneurs are using. It is to take the lead over their competitors and increase the profits! As an online seller, you can also apply them in your business to rule on your customers’ hearts!

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