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Price Backers is a comprehensive Trust Relationship Management (TRM) solution designed to increase online shops’ customer retention by offering exclusive store credits.


Create a price protection program shoppers just love

The reliable way to improve retention

Online Price protection
We tailor-fit your store a price protection program. Price Backers ensures your business proactively reaches out to clients to make an unbeatable offer and build trust.

Customers Receive Compensations
Price reductions on recently-purchased products are transformed into credits. That’s increased loyalty and profits!

Fully managed solution
From tracking price reduction, knowing who deserves what, and personalized interaction with customers, It’s all on us!

Proactively compensate!

Improve Retention = More net profit

It costs more to get a new customer than keep an old one. By offering a unique store credit based on the post-purchase price difference, you’ll have repeat customers who are happier.

Online pricing

Online pricing is easily checked by your customers. Price Backers ensure that customers get notified when prices drop.

Customers receive

Customers receive refund credits to spend in your store.


As you learn about customer buying behavior, you discover that happy customers buy again!

Price Protection

Price Protection gives you a reliable way to improve customer retention, strengthen brand loyalty, and increase sales.

A new way to build trust with customers

Provide Value in Exchange for Loyalty

Protect your customers, reward loyalty, and boost sales!

Price Backers gives your business the upper hand as you establish lasting relationships built on positive buying experiences. Our price protection app encourages your customers to return, so less time is wasted on new visitors.

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